Submit To Others


To be brought under a state or influence of another; To commit oneself in obedience to another


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Should You Submit to Others
Covering and Authority
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Submit to Others

Trust is the key to submitting to others. Learning the concept of submitting to others will deepen our confidence that others can look out for our best interests.
complybucklerelentgive in
endurecapitulaterelinquishgive way
acknowledgecavestoopgo with the flow
agreecedesuccumbgrin and bear it
deferconcedetolerateknuckle under
surrenderfoldtrucklelay down arms
abidehumorwithstandput up with
accedeindulgeyieldresign oneself
acquiesceknucklebe submissivesay uncle
appeasekowtoweat crowthrow in the towel
bendobeygive awaytoe the line
bowquitgive ground

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